Early pediatric dentistry

Posted by Fawzia Husain

Early pediatric dentistry

Many new parents think that they don’t need to worry about pediatric dentistry until their children’s teeth are all showing, but that’s just not the case! That’s because pediatric dentistry is about more than just teeth care – it’s about comprehensive oral care right from the early stages of life that sets the standard for your child’s future health.
Many new parents visit dentists very early on in their child’s development so that they can get answers to the many questions they have about development milestones, how to introduce their baby to oral care, what to do and, most importantly, what not to do!
Dentists who have experience in pediatric dentistry can help parents to prevent bad oral habits from forming before their child’s teeth makes an appearance – including thumb-sucking – that, if they are left untreated, can cause major problems down the line. They can also help by advising on the best ways to deal with teething and how to keep those first pearly whites looking bright.

Dentists with pediatric dentistry experience know how to make their visits fun!

When you go to a dentistry practice that treats children regularly, they’ll know exactly how to make your child feel right at home whenever they visit – so you don’t have to worry about them fearing their next check up! By working with a dentist from an early age – around six months – your child will be very used to the routine of regular check ups. They will know what to expect from each visit and they’ll be happy to walk in the door and jump up on the big examination chair. By creating a pleasant, child-friendly atmosphere, you can be sure that your child will be happy to keep up with his or her oral care routines and maintain a healthy, sparking smile. So remember, it’s never too early to talk to your dentist about pediatric dentistry or any other questions you many have about your child’s oral health. Contact Dr. Husain today and find out more about the benefits of early pediatric dentistry!

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