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Preventive Care

Did you know recent studies have linked gum disease to heart attack, strokes, diabetes, respiratory disorders and even premature birth? That’s why regular visits to your dentist for checking on existence of cavities, maintaining dental work done, or for ensuring dental warranty for treatments done are valid, or even to maintain healthy gums, teeth and breath, there are many reasons for visiting your periodontal therapists at Waterloo Smiles regularly.

If you always thought you are free from gum diseases because there are no visible signs, THINK AGAIN! Gum diseases are called silent killers, since they trigger no pain or symptoms and often identified only by your hygienists/periodontal therapists or dentists, even when it has reached most destructive phases.

Our Staff
Dr Fawzia Husain
Dr. Fawzia Husain DDS

We practice all areas of dentistry with the highest degree of care and quality. Dr. Husain strongly believes in education for herself and her staff and sharing this knowledge with our patients.

Kara - Patient Coordinator

Kara has over 20 years experience in the field of dentistry working in reception. She has been with Dr. Husain since 1996. Kara's commitment to dentistry shows in her strong work ethic and excellent customer service.

Stacy Certified Chairside Dental Assistant

Stacy joined the Waterloo Smiles team in December of 2007, but has been working with Dr. Husain since 2003 as her chairside assistant. Stacy is a hard working and enthusiastic team member who truly enjoys making her day and yours as stress free as possible.

Kathryn - Hygiene Periodontal Therapist at Waterloo Smiles

Waterloo Smiles is thrilled to have Kathryn as an integral part of our hygiene team. Kathryn has been a dental hygienist since 2009 and after working in Ottawa for 3 years, she moved to KW. She brings with her a solid history in dental hygiene care.

Hadis - Certified Dental Assistant at Waterloo Smiles

Hadis is a true asset to our team at Waterloo Smiles. She went to Medix college here in Kitchener. It has been her dream to work in an environment that gives her the opportunity to help people achieve a great smile.

Tara - Hygiene Periodontal Therapist at Waterloo Smiles

Tara joined our hygiene team in 2015. She graduated from Algonquin College in Ottawa, and has now moved back to where her roots are in KW. She is patient focused and wants you to have the best experience possible at Waterloo Smiles.

Jessie -Hygiene Periodontal Therapist at Waterloo Smiles

Jessie is an amazing member of our hygiene team. She graduated from the Toronto College of Dental Hygiene and is passionate about all things dental.


Waterloo Smiles is pleased to have Nicky join our team as scheduling coordinator. Nicky graduated with a Dental Assisting Level II diploma from Durham College in 2006 and has been in the dental field for over 10 years.

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